Trekking Poles Help Realtor Show Property in The NC Mountains

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Trekking Poles Help Realtor Show Property in The NC Mountains

Often when we think of buying outdoor equipment, we think about a personal or at home use for the gear - a set of trekking poles for your weekend hikes, a backpack for your favorite four-legged hiking partner.  However, these days folks are learning some of this gear has a greater value that goes beyond just personal use.  People are finding creative ways to incorporate outdoor gear, such as trekking poles, into the business world.  

Larry Parker, with Parker Mountain Properties, runs his real estate firm in the North Carolina mountains near Boone.  When inspecting properties, he and his clients often have to walk expansive areas of land.  “We often have to cover large tracts and check for things like survey markers, septic easements, and for the client to get a general idea of the property” says Mr. Parker.  “Most of the time these tracts of land are quite rugged and heavily wooded.  Sometimes, wet leaves cover the ground which makes it hard to navigate the terrain safely, especially for some of my clients who are not used to trekking mountainous terrain.”  

When Mr. Parker received a set of trekking poles as a Christmas gift and discovered what a difference it made in navigating the properties he showed, he realized he needed several more pairs in his truck at all times to offer for his clients use.  “It made such a difference, and I was able to take clients through properties some of them might not have been able to access.  It has really been a huge help for my business.  My clients often complimented me for thinking ahead and are thankful for the assistance the poles provide while walking these properties”  

Another point noted by Mr. Parker is that this area of North Carolina is full of vacation rental homes for people to enjoy a relaxing stay in the mountains.  A simple, cost effective way to add to folks’ stay is to provide trekking poles for them to use on hikes or walks.  Four pairs of poles tucked away in a closet takes up very little space and can accommodate most families needs during their stay.  

There are countless ways Alpine Summit’s trekking poles can help your business.  As Mr. Parker discovered,  a little forward thinking goes a long way, and that there are many applications where trekking poles can be used to enhance your business and extend your customer service well above the competition.  

A special thanks to Mr. Parker for sharing his experience with our trekking poles, and expanding even our own list of applications for Alpine Summit trekking poles!

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