Harold's Story of Recovery and Hiking

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Harold's Story of Recovery and Hiking
I'm a former competitive Mountain Biker. After being involved in a bad car wreck (other guys fault) I went thru years of surgeries and comebacks. Finally culminating in a spine reconstruction. My X-rays are rather wild looking. So, the reality of this situation was that riding and racing were out. No more. One crash could paralyze me. That's a hard pill to swallow, how do you fill that void when it's suddenly gone?

So, my heart is in the outdoors, and one day I saw some local hikers and I knew that I had found a way to fill that void.  I haven't looked back since. I've been averaging 10-15 miles per day under a 30lb load on my trips. I'm hopefully thru hiking the Colorado Trail next year, and if all goes well, bagging my first 14k ft peak.

I strive to be a voice to those in chronic pain. Prove to them that anything is possible with enough willpower, grit, and perseverance. Prove to them that a life on the couch eating painkillers-is not the way to live. Nature provides, nature heals.

I've become a hike leader in a local group and I'm working on getting into gear reviews via online places like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
I love doing gear reviews and am slowly turning it into a hobby. However, gear is hard to come by on my budget.

Back in my professional life I was a professional bartender, and prior to that a software tech for LexisNexis. Since the spine reconstruction I've focused on me, my marriage, and trying to help others with disabilities rise from the ashes. And my cats. Yes, cats rock.

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